Teachers Put to the Test

Time was when education was about the quality of deliverable educational targets. Now it’s about so much more.

The academies programme has expanded rapidly in the last 18 months. In July 2010 the Academies Act made it possible for any good school to apply to become an academy. Since then more than 1500 have applied, with more than 1000 already open. Around 45 per cent of all secondary schools are now academies or are in the process of acquiring academy status.

The pace is quickening. Twenty-four Free Schools opened in September 2011. A further 71 Free Schools, including special schools and alternative provision schools, are due to open from September 2012 onwards. In January 2012, Education Secretary Michael Gove welcomed a commitment from Barclays to offer their expertise and support to academies across England.

These independent schools are free from local authority control, making external expertise on issues like finance and HR invaluable. It’s a testing time for those at the helm of these organisations facing new challenges in their own management skills while having to take a lead during radical shifts in practice and performance.

Academies are facing a variety of transitions that include:-

  • from Public Sector to Company/Charity Status and the essential change in culture
  • from Head Teacher to Managing Director
  • from Bursar to Management Accountant and the move from a cash/bookkeeping accounting model to a company/charity model

But who mentors the Head Teachers?

Those heads who now find themselves managing their ‘board, company and stakeholders’ without an established network of support and the career long background of experience that Managing Directors acquire in terms of finance, HR, operations, deliverables and culture?

Here at Marylebone Associates, a number of our executive coaches and business mentors have the board level experience to assist as well as experience in the Education sector and can offer, as appropriate, a sounding board, challenge, support and reflective opportunity with solid input around business practice.

Above all we understand. So why not talk to us and let us help you develop the directorship and management skills required to enhance your ambitious teaching goals?