Andrew Mulholland,
Risk and Integrity

A pragmatic corporate governance and risk specialist, Andrew can call upon 25 years’ experience in the field. After graduating in Politics he qualified as a Chartered Secretary, working for the Greater London Council, the Corporation of London and the London Borough of Lambeth.

At Lambeth he headed the Members’ Services Department during one of the Authority’s most tempestuous periods. Widely recognised for his political skill and integrity, he worked with parties from across the spectrum to ensure steady strategic direction in an extremely volatile environment.

Moving into national policing, Andrew was Clerk to the Board for both the National Crime Agency and the National Criminal Intelligence Service. In this role he oversaw two important changes of legal status, again working with competing interests in central government and local policing to secure effective transition. His role also included the management of sensitive senior personnel issues with national implications.

When the Government decided to establish a national organisation to combat online child abuse, Andrew was asked to draw up the governance arrangements. What emerged was an innovative business model, bringing support from the commercial and charitable sectors to partner with traditional policing. CEOP (the Child Exploitation and Online Protection centre) became an international success which has been widely emulated. As its first Head of Governance, Andrew wrote the Business Plan, ran the legal team, led on internal and external audit and chaired the organisation’s Risk Group.

Close involvement with strategic management in scenarios ranging from child protection to violent organised crime in addition to routine service delivery, have given Andrew a particularly broad grasp of organisational risk management. He remains involved in risk advice and has recently been working on risk-based training packages for senior management. Returning to university to secure a Masters in War Studies, Andrew also writes occasionally on military history.

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