Barbara Scott,
Coaching and Mentoring

Barbara’s career spans both private and public sectors and includes executive positions in Organisational Development and Human Resources with a number of blue chip companies such as Swan and Edgar (Debenhams), Roneo Alcatel, General Telecommunications and Electronics (GTE), Westminster Press, Pearson Group and Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust.

In 1997 she joined the Board of a Further Education College and, a year later, was appointed as Chairman of the Board, transforming the organisation and developing an outcome focused culture that was student centred.

In 2001 she was appointed as the Group Director of Organisational Development for Nestor Healthcare plc where she designed the first independent nationwide development programme for nurses and care workers and led the design of a Degree for nurses in telephone triage. Following the acquisition by Nestor of Healthcall Out of Hours Service, she helped with the development of two large national call centres and the subsequent redesign of the division, restructuring executive and management teams and developing a thriving leadership culture focused on achieving business outcomes.

In 2003 Barbara joined the Board of Bexley Care Trust as a Non Executive Director and in 2005 she was appointed Interim Chairman.

In 2006 Barbara was appointed as the permanent Chairman of Bexley, a £350m NHS Trust. As Chairman she led the organisation through a turbulent period of change, always keeping the spotlight on key areas of business, steering the organisation through a financial turnaround from an inherited £20m deficit to a balance position. She transformed the organisation’s governance framework, reduced the number of Executive Directors from 14 to just 5, ensuring a clear accountability framework that focused on outcomes. She spearheaded the country’s first graduate doctor scheme and maintained regulatory oversight of the organisation during the transition of nearly 500 staff to two other NHS organisations. Barbara committed herself to increased patient and public involvement in decision-making and launched the first Commissioning Trust membership scheme in the country.

In particular, Barbara championed the cause of GP Commissioning and introduced clinical leadership to an unprecedented level, devolving power to a clinical cabinet and Bexley’s selection as one of the first pathfinders; this owes much to the strong sense of shared ambition she has instilled in managers and clinicians alike. Inspired by her leadership, the GPs reviewed their PMS contracts and were the first in the country to address the differential between payments, securing a level playing field for all GPs in the borough. This transformation of the organisation led to an unprecedented number of national awards for innovation and excellence, including the 2010 Health Service Journal – Secretary of State Award for Excellence in Healthcare Management and national recognition as the leading borough in GP commissioning.

On a personal level, Barbara was recognised by the city in the 2010 NED awards as the Non Executive Chairman of the Year (NfP).

Throughout her career Barbara has been passionate about driving success through the engagement of people and has demonstrated a unique ability to inspire outstanding results. She now supports companies to transform and realign and inspires individuals to deliver excellence.

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