Bob Lauder,
Risk and Integrity

Bob Lauder joined the Scottish Police Service in December 1969. During his tenure with Strathclyde Police he held a number of senior operational and intelligence posts including Head of the Drug Squad, Head of the Covert Assets Unit and Deputy Head of Intelligence.

Bob served as Deputy Commander of the Scottish Crime Squad in 1999, and Head of Operations within the Scottish Drug Enforcement Agency (SDEA) in 2001. He subsequently became Crime Co-ordinator and was appointed Deputy Director SDEA in 2004.

Having retired from the SDEA and the Scottish Police Service in December 2005 he immediately took up the post of Deputy Director within SOCA Operational Delivery with responsibility for the delivery of SOCA services in Scotland and Northern Ireland. Such responsibilities, for a brief period, extended to the entirety of the United Kingdom. He subsequently moved to the SOCA Board where he duly discharged his responsibilities as Executive Director Operational Delivery. At the launch of the National Crime Agency he was charged with developing the strategic relationships necessary to facilitate the NCA’s contribution to the fight against serious and organised crime within the devolved administrations of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Bob played a pivotal role in the creation of the Scottish Crime Campus (SCC) at Gartcosh, which opened in early 2014 and is fast becoming an internationally recognised centre of excellence for tackling serious organised crime in a unique multi-partner law enforcement environment. During 2004, while Deputy Director of the SDEA, Bob contributed to the drafting of the early concept of a Scottish Crime Campus. Between then and final delivery in 2014 he continued to influence its operational purpose, offering advice and direction as a member of both the SCC Programme Board and SCC Management Board. He spearheaded the input from both SOCA and NCA to the innovative operational working practices that evolved in respect of the SCC, including the development and implementation of new partnership agreements to ensure the best exploitation of cross organisational information and assets to tackle serious organised crime within Scotland and beyond.

Bob currently contributes to a range of national and international law enforcement forums. He is Chair of the National Surveillance User Group and attends the National Surveillance Working Group in that capacity. He has been a member of the European Cross Border Surveillance Working Group since 2005 and a member of the International Surveillance Group, which he currently Chairs, since 2000. He is also the Deputy Chair of the European Cross Border Sub-Group.

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