Carl Holmes,
Risk and Integrity

Called to the Bar in 1986, Carl has almost 30 years’ public sector experience as a practising criminal lawyer.

Having worked for various Government departments at local, national and international level, Carl possesses a practitioner’s understanding of the UK’s criminal justice system, in addition to a strategic appreciation of International law enforcement and mutual legal assistance.

Carl is renowned for the innovative, yet practical, skills he brings to bear on problem solving, characteristics reflected in the fact that, during his career, he has advised effectively on some of the most sensitive and complex investigations undertaken in the UK by HM Inspectorate of Constabulary, HM Revenue & Customs and the Military.

AAs one of a very small number of UK lawyers familiar with the most sensitive tactics and methodology deployed in modern policing, Carl has proved particularly effective in liaising with Home Office officials and Senior prosecutors, and has often achieved unexpected results due to his practical knowledge of investigations and understanding of public sector policy.

Carl’s appointment to the Board of the Serious Organised Crime Agency and subsequently to the Board of the National Crime Agency, reflected not only his aforementioned qualifications but also his ability to provide appropriate counsel to Board level decision makers.

Having recently left the public sector, Carl enjoys a wealth of knowledge and experience acquired over many years as a practising lawyer.

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