Colin Pinks,
Coaching and Mentoring

Colin’s early career was spent building and managing businesses in the creative and technology arena. After gaining a degree in Computer Science and Psychology, Colin joined a small computer graphics firm, building it from the ground up with the owner.

Getting involved in all aspects of the business, developing a breadth of experience and passion for ‘getting on and doing it’ that was to prove to be both a valuable foundation and a common theme for his subsequent professional roles.

Roles followed in small, innovative technology firms, dealing with all facets of sales, marketing, operations, strategy, managing both people and projects. This covered both products and services, including Simulation Software, Virtual Reality and building some of the earliest commercial websites.

This involved building relationships and delivering innovative solutions across Europe, working with organisations such as Microsoft, Compaq, Volvo, Renault and Land Rover. During this time, Colin was invited to work with Universities in Paris and Munich on Projects defining European Technology Standards.

In 2000, Colin was asked to join a Cambridge-based incubator of technology business. Taking ideas, building the strategy, finding funding and building the management, infrastructure, teams and technology.

After 10 years in professional roles, Colin spent an inspirational year at Cranfield School of Management, gaining an MBA. This acted as a catalyst to move towards the areas of coaching, change and leadership.

Since 2003, Colin has been coaching and mentoring business owners, directors and managers in leadership, management, change and career management. Working closely together to find clarity and focus when they need it, creating innovative perspectives to move them forward and generate significant growth. Colin’s clients include large corporate organisations, SME’s and entrepreneurial firms.

In addition, Colin has established a flourishing food business in the UK and Europe, has lectured in Coaching, Leadership and Management Decision-Making and has worked as a strategic advisor for charity organisations.

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