Coaching and Mentoring

Our Process

When we begin a new client relationship we carry out corporate and individual assessments, agree a personal support plan and establish a review programme. The assessment identifies corporate and individual objectives, organisational support and cultural issues.

The personal support plan involves listening and coaching. Listening encourages the individual to evaluate problems and seek solutions with the minimum of intervention. Coaching is more directional and focuses support, particularly on functional issues. The review evaluates the progress the client has achieved and agrees a way forward.

Individuals are sponsored by their employers and the initial process will be a minimum of six sessions, excluding further monitoring requirements.

The assessment and support programme remains confidential between the individual and our Associate and the measurement of success will be based upon the achievement of agreed outcomes which will be discussed and confirmed by the sponsor.


Working with You

We do not write reports on individual clients and submit these to sponsors. We think that this is counterproductive and would adversely affect the integrity of the process. Confidentiality is a fundamental principle underlying our procedure and a confidentiality agreement between the client and Marylebone Associates will be signed at the beginning of the process.

The process begins with a meeting between the Associate and the sponsor. This is followed by a meeting between the Associate and the client who will confirm the arrangements and agree a timetable. The first part of the formal process is an evaluation. This stage will probably take one or two sessions. This is followed by four to six sessions of mentoring and coaching.

The final part of the process will be a review of progress following the sessions and agreement on achievements and outcomes with the client.

After allowing for a period of reflection, the client will be asked to comment on the process and the quality of the discussion and advice. This report will be considered by the Senior Marylebone Associate and discussed with the sponsor.

Improving Performance

The key to successful growth is well educated and trained managers who are motivated by a balance of success, opportunity and rewards. Management development also plays a critical role in succession planning. Nevertheless there are still too many organisations that fail to recognise the importance of independent external guidance and advice, particularly during periods of change. This is when senior staff are preparing to take on new roles, are in new roles, or are struggling to cope in current or new positions.

Experience has shown that many ambitious and successful managers are lonely individuals who need external support. Without this input, organisations can witness insecurity, divisiveness, unhealthy corporate politics and eventual failure.

Marylebone Associates are all highly experienced individuals who understand the loneliness of command.

Who We Work With

Our Coaching and Mentoring clients come from sponsoring organisations in the public and private business sector, development capital businesses, government departments, professional services, including law and accountancy practices, and the not-for-profit sector. These individuals are typically being groomed for promotion, have been promoted, are in a new, enlarged role or who find it difficult to be successful in their current position and need help. Most are senior executives at board level, senior managers, directors or partners, senior civil servants below the rank of Permanent Under Secretary and other Government employees who hold significant positions.

Share in our Knowledge

It is only through our own experiences that we feel equipped to counsel and support senior executives in other businesses. With the challenges overcome in our own careers, we believe the lessons learnt should be shared with others. At the Marylebone Forum, members are able to share their stories and seek their peers’ opinions and thoughts in confidence.