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The most effective way to learn any language is individually or in small groups with personal attention and feedback, which is why our courses are tailor-made to the specific needs and learning styles of our clients.

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Our approach combines grammar and general language structures in a practical and enjoyable form, with a direct method of teaching vocabulary and expressions in context. This is then reinforced through conversations with guided role-plays and activities directly applicable to the business environment, giving our clients a framework to build on their knowledge and develop a deeper command of the language.

Effective communication is not just a matter of learning vocabulary and grammar; it also demands an understanding of the ways in which different cultures conduct business. In order to be able to develop and maintain strong business relationships, clients are given information on culture and cultural differences that will give them the soft skills that are at the core of every good business relationship.

Every client has a different way of learning, so we take the time in our pre-course assessments to understand what approach will provide the maximum benefit during an intensive course. However, we also have the expertise and flexibility to adapt courses at any time should a client’s needs change.