Marylebone Forums

Sharing knowledge, skills and information is at the core of what builds companies and individual careers. Marylebone Forums address different issues and topics to further develop our members’ expertise and insight. Marylebone Forums bring people together to learn with each other and from each other. We want to promote leadership, encourage collaboration, and stimulate individual thinking on topics related to Marylebone Associates’ core principle – achieving success through people.

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Marylebone Knowledge Forum

Made up from an invited network of Associates, clients and other like-minded individuals, the Knowledge Forum is a way of furthering common interests and prompting new lines of thinking through the context of debate, forum sessions, seminars and published articles.

Marylebone Risk and Cybersecurity Forum

The Marylebone Risk and Cybersecurity Forum brings together a group of select Executives to address risk, cybersecurity and the key issues affecting businesses. Members will benefit from bespoke research, individual specialist advice and coaching, and regular group forums throughout their membership. These will include insights from guest speakers such as the cyber security specialists at GCHQ-certified Lancaster University, and sessions will offer a unique opportunity to further develop the skills and knowledge Executives need to drive growth while effectively managing risk. The Marylebone Risk and Cybersecurity Forum supports Executives in leading their businesses effectively and strategically.