Risk and Cybersecurity Forum

The Marylebone Risk and Cybersecurity Forum brings together a group of select Executives to address risk, cybersecurity in this rapidly changing landscape. Members will benefit from bespoke research, individual specialist advice and coaching, and regular group forums throughout their membership. These will include insights from guest speakers such as the cyber security specialists at GCHQ-certified Lancaster University. The Marylebone Risk and Cybersecurity Forum supports Executives in leading their businesses effectively and strategically. Membership is by invitation only to ensure suitability so that members can gain as much from each other as they do from our experts and guest speakers.

Risk and Cybersecurity Forum leading image

Throughout the year, Marylebone Associates will be holding a series of private sessions for a small group of Executives, bringing together top experts to discuss issues including cyber security, insider threat, operational risk, media relations, and risks and opportunities surrounding Brexit. These sessions will offer a unique opportunity to further develop skills and knowledge Executives need to succeed.

Outside of the face-to-face group forums, we provide individual specialist advice and coaching on issues members face throughout the year. In the increasingly difficult times following the decision to leave the EU, we offer specialist advice on how to navigate challenges, as well as addressing the day-to-day issues facing today’s Executives.