Marylebone Risk and Integrity

Marylebone Associates has developed a suite of risk services, delivered by highly experienced former law enforcement executives, designed to assist Directors in identifying and understanding the range of risks applicable to their respective business operations. We place particular emphasis on the importance of fully appreciating vulnerabilities to potential integrity issues at Board and Executive level.

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“We offer a discreet and tailored service which enables Directors to understand, mitigate and resolve a range of criminal risks. Seamless support is available throughout these procedures.”

Our services, by their nature, are highly confidential and tailor made to the client’s individual requirements. We look to identify risk and vulnerability on behalf of clients and we also provide support with regard to mitigation and resolution.

Risk and Criminal Vulnerability

Appreciating the full range of risks and vulnerabilities applicable to a business and understanding the potential consequences represents a demanding challenge for executives. We work with senior Directors to scope, report on and assist in the mitigation of such threats, thereby alleviating time constraints and furthering stability.

Board Integrity

Our highly experienced former law enforcement executives are ideally qualified to carry out discreet enquiries into any concerns with regard to Board and Executive integrity. Through the identification of such issues and the development of strategies to address them, we provide mitigation, contribute to business continuity and protect reputations.

Law Enforcement and Government Liaison

Marylebone Risk and Integrity also offers a liaison service for clients who wish to interact with Government or Law Enforcement bodies. This service, which applies to a wide range of situations and circumstances, includes guidance and advice in respect of:

  • Proactive approaches;
  • Responses to requests; and
  • Prospective settlements during ongoing disputes.