Board Integrity

Supporting clients and mitigating negative reactions arising from integrity issues.

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“A reputation for integrity, acquired over decades, can be destroyed by one untruth.”

Issues of integrity at Board or senior management level are both sensitive and challenging. In the absence of appropriate action such issues are potentially damaging to corporate and individual reputations, business continuity, profitability and goodwill.

Corporate history teaches us that the inevitable sensitivities associated with integrity issues often serve to discourage Directors from initiating appropriate enquiries at the earliest opportunity. Such procrastination can prove extremely costly.

Marylebone Risk and Integrity’s Associates have presided over sensitive enquiries at the highest levels and fully appreciate the intricacies of such situations.

How We Work

We offer a customised, confidential and discreet service to Directors who are concerned about issues of integrity.

Our Associates are experienced in overseeing enquiries into standards of integrity at the highest levels and are fully conversant with the need for discretion. We work closely with senior Directors to establish their requirements, develop the terms of reference and determine the necessary access required to facilitate our enquiries.

Following the investigative process we present our conclusions to the Board accompanied by a range of practical options designed, where possible, to achieve resolution. We remain available to assist Directors in the implementation of their chosen courses of action.

We also specialise in:

  • Crisis and Reputation Management; and
  • Law Enforcement and Government Liaison.

Our Added Value

As Directors are well aware, issues of integrity at Board and Executive level are, for the most part, sensitive, difficult to determine and potentially damaging in terms of business continuity, profitability and individual and corporate reputations. Our Associates, who have operated within law enforcement at the most senior levels, are admirably qualified to conduct the necessary inquiries, furnish the Board with their findings and recommendations and assist in achieving resolution. An appreciation of the importance of confidentiality and discretion are hallmarks of Marylebone Risk and Integrity’s operations.