Risk and Criminal Vulnerability

The early identification and effective mitigation of risk and vulnerability prevents loss and protects reputation.

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Modern businesses face an array of corporate risks, the catalysts of which can be as commonplace as technological development, the law or the natural growth of a company or organisation.

In addition, however, senior management has to contend with the challenges posed by an increasingly cyber enabled world, globalisation and the threat of serious and organised criminality. Marylebone Risk and Integrity is committed to working alongside management to assess, mitigate and, where possible, resolve such risks. Our Senior Associates bring a wealth of practical experience to our support operations and are well versed in crisis and reputation management.

How We Work

We provide a confidential, customised service designed to address the concerns of Board members, often alerted by their Risk or Audit Committees, in relation to any risks or vulnerabilities that might impact their organisation.

Our initial priorities are to ensure that we are fully conversant with the client’s concerns and the relevant implications and that we have sufficient data to develop the scope of work in line with the specific aspect of criminal risk or corporate vulnerability that requires examination. We work off a multi-coloured canvas that encompasses cyber, extortion, bribery and corruption, money laundering and proceeds of crime, insider threat, loss and fraud, international serious and organised criminality and vulnerability to surveillance and corporate espionage.


Post fieldwork and investigative activities we report back to the client to deliver our conclusions and recommendations. At this stage the focus moves towards mitigation and resolution, commencing with option analysis. We offer seamless support to our clients throughout these procedures.

The various stages of such exercises can be summarised as: Engagement; Examination; Questioning; Reporting and Mitigation.

In addition to this we also specialise in crisis management which, in turn, tends to walk hand in hand with reputation management. Our Associates seek to provide management with pragmatic options in such situations and, where applicable, are experienced in facilitating government and law enforcement liaison. These services are provided on either a retained or project basis.

We also offer access to dedicated investigative resources through our preferred partner, Bishop Group.

Our Added Value

We offer a service to Boards that recognises the imperatives of correctly identifying and managing organisational risk and vulnerability. In doing so we ensure that our recommendations in respect of mitigation and solutions are pragmatic and encompass all perceived options. We remain available to support implementation of the action decided upon to achieve resolution.